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Stacey grew up in beautiful Mendocino County of Northern California.  At age 11, while walking through majestic redwood forests with her flute, she started improvising her own songs.  As you will see from her song titles, much of her music is inspired by her experience of nature.  Although Stacey studied both piano and flute, she always retained her uniquely natural style of composition.  Stacey is touched by a genius of inspiration and will long be recognized as a superb instrumental composer whose songs have direction, movement and serenity.

Stacey draws upon traditional modal scales; her melodies echo a reminiscent call to many ancient cultures - you will hear a bit of Celtic, Indian, and Asian, among other influences.  Yet while listening to her music you will somehow always feel that you are sitting alongside a pristine waterfall or upon a gorgeous beach, awakening to a perfect sunrise.  Her music creates a relaxing atmosphere that doesn't compromise the experience of being in the beauty of nature.  As you listen to Stacey's melodies, close your eyes and see visions of color; breathe in the aroma of a gentle spring rainfall and enjoy the unforgettable Journey her flute will take you on.

Stacey connects with nature and allows the music to simply flow...

With Mother Earth firmly beneath hear feet
Stacey pulls the essence of The Creator of All That Is from within
then...  gently...  allows... the music to sweetly soar..

No matter where you are...
The lilting joy of Stacey's flute will elevate
you to become One with the Universe...  One with the Holy Spirit...

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