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Mountains Calling

Mountains Calling

Mountains Calling elevates the listener into a state as one with nature, one with the Universe, One with God.  To listen to a song sample from Stacey Parnum's magical flute, click the song title.  All samples are in MP3 format.  To save a song sample, right click and choose "Save Target As..."   

Mountains Calling

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Mt Palomar Pines

My spirit is free, the sky is so blue, the birds call me; I soar as an eagle as I dance through the pines.

Denali's Majesty

The majestic view of the world from atop this mountain, calling me to my home, the breathtaking views, magnificent beauty; wind upon my face, I am fearless, I am at peace.


Call of the Adirondacks

Here I can play and dance, my soul is alive with the spirit of those living here long ago; I remember the inspiration of those civilizations, the music of their heart lives on.


Kilimanjaro Dawn

Bright pinks and red highlight the horizon, I make the steep climb into the light, a new day, the hope of a better tomorrow.

Jungfrau Path

Iíve walked this path a million times, yet each walk is fresh, alive with the fresh mountain air, I breathe in the gentle music, transcending the world of fear.

Mount Sinai Vision

I crossed the desert, the sands of time, arriving upon this mountain filled with an ancient memory of truth; I see the visions of those wise teachers, as I walk in their footsteps I hear the message in the music of the mountains.

Himalayan Healing

When I am healed I am not healed alone; I share my healing with the world.  As sickness and pain are banished from my mind I share this vision with all the world; from this highest of mountains where all is clear.




Mountains Calling

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