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A Flute Awakening

A Flute Dreaming

Mountains Calling

A Flute Dreaming

A Flute Dreaming moves one into a state of healing abundance sweetly, gently, and soulfully.  Following are excerpts from the CD A Flute Awakening.  To listen to a song sample from Stacey Parnum's magical flute, click the song title.  All samples are in MP3 format.  To save a song sample, right click and choose "Save Target As..." 

A Flute Dreaming

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Northern Lights

We begin our journey of flute dreaming way up north, in the divine presence of the magical Aurora Borealis, the dance of the spirits in the sky.

Emerald Sea

We dream of ocean waves, of sleeping upon a magical beach, listening to the gentle waves wash against the sand; we see the stars’ reflection sparkle upon the dark emerald water.

Ancient Dawn

We still see a few stars twinkling as the horizon begins glowing pinkish orange as we begin to awaken from a sleeping dream.

Gentle Rain

Breath in the fresh smell of rainwater, washing the earth – close your eyes, and take a deep breath as you listen the flute within the rhythm of the rainfall.  

Moonlit Clouds

The full moon permeates the night sky, yet a few clouds drift across its light, we journey through the night sky with the clouds.

A Flute Dreaming

The songs of the flute have carried us through the night and into the morning as we awaken to birds singing. Today we can hear our voice whispering within eternity as the flute sings, caressing our dreams, our journey through the night.

Now we embrace the day with the memory of our song in our heart, and extend our joyful melody to be heard by all.

A Flute Dreaming

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