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A Flute Awakening

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A Flute Awakening

A Flute Awakening uses nature to bring forth  joyful melodies of awakening.  Following are excerpts from the CD A Flute Awakening.  To listen to a song sample from Stacey Parnum's magical flute, click the song title.  All samples are in MP3 format.  To save a song sample, right click and choose "Save Target As..."

A Flute Awakening

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El Encanto

Take a deep breath with me as I begin our Journey to Awaken by playing a simple, hauntingly familiar melody.  El Encanto introduces the enchanted encounters of the flute - first with the breath, and then joined by acoustic guitar, followed by harp and strings and Brazilian percussion.  Begin to go within and to listen to the song in your heart.

A Flute Haiku

And now we continue our meditation in a Japanese garden where we experience A Flute Haiku, a simple seventeen note melodic haiku.

Rose Quartz Sky

We softly fade into Rose Quartz Sky - in the wee morning hours as the stars begin to fade, a pale pink glow gently warms the skyline and songbirds greet this new day with sweet melodies.  We see a hint of light, after being lost in dreams during the darkness of night.

Angel Falls

As we stroll through the garden we come upon Angel Falls and connect with our inner tranquility.


Morning Rain

Morning Rain washes away our tears; as we inhale the aroma of fresh earth and relax to indigenous percussion and the wood flute celebrating with a rain dance.

A Quiet Answer

A Quiet Answer comes mysteriously from within our stillness where we can listen truly and blend into our soft melody.


Alpine Strawberries

With the taste of wild Alpine Strawberries we embrace the splendor of a spring morning, high in the Alps, where we can hear our melody echo through the canyons.


With the wild energy of Kundalini, we freely dance.


Seven Hills

We continue our exodus walking along the trails of Seven Hills - where I have hiked over 12,000 miles - with gratitude we walk in rhythm with our truth; and continue our journey to awaken.


Ocean reflects the exhilarating morning waves crashing upon the beautiful shoreline; we are healed by the power of the boundless ocean.



With the glorious light of Dawn we are soaring as we take a moment to peacefully reflect upon our song.


A Flute Awakening

In A Flute Awakening we have completed our Musical Journey of awakening today.


Now we embrace the day with the memory of our song in our heart, and extend our joyful melody to be heard by all.

A Flute Awakening

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