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Spiritual Food

Sharon Sinclair, Poetry Speaker
Personal empowerment speaker, Sharon Sinclair, is also a narrator for MeadowLane, the artist/author of Water From the Moon and founder of the Precious Gems Poetry Club.  She understands fully the Power of Prayer and graces others with the de-stressing gift of musical poetry.

Feel Good Express with Dede Lyons
What do pets, energy boosters, sleep tips, White Angelica, abundance, 3 hugs a day, transition and change, spiritual light and the good health of your inner voice have in common?  The Feel Good Express of course!  Click in now to learn more!

Well-being Strategies
Kick depression of old age with health tips and strategies with Lori Somekh, Healthy Aging Coach.  Step into a balanced life with vibrant health using her healthy weight loss e-book and empowerment through symptoms of menopause e-book.

Soul Kisses with Kate Large
Connect with the Holy Spirit through Spiritual affirmations, angel photos, readings, orbs in photos, angels in clouds, spiritual journey support and physical world tools at the Soul Kisses website.  Spiritual growth tools are in the form of ecourses/reports for abundance, law of attraction and a workbook based on Florence Scovel Shinn's The Game of Life.  Experience connecting with deceased loved ones as well as Communicating with Orbs and Communicating Through Dementia with our guided CDs or MP3 downloads.

Spirit Orb Photo Op with Kate Large and Jesse Large
Who are they - the orbs in photos?  Want to communicate with orbs?  Experience the Communicating with Orbs guided journey and discover who they are - the Orbs in photographs, Spirit Orbs, Spirit Emanations. See the face of a deceased loved one in an orb as well as the image of Florence Scovel Shinn, Archangel Metatron, and the orb of Jesus.

Majik Poodle
Thinking about getting a poodle?  Poodle Majik is found in this miniature poodle living with his human spirits in Colorado.  He shares his life experiences with nutrition for dogs, spirit orbs, poodle stories of poodle grooming and traveling from the poodle breeder to Colorado.  Click in to learn more...

Betty's Light Within with Betty Sawtelle
Betty's Light Within welcomes you to share the communications of the Holy Spirit as dictated to Elizabeth Sawtelle.  Messages from the Holy Spirit are spiritual gifts. You may order your copy of The Light Within to receive your angelic message.

Healing Light Ministry with Ellany 
Healing Light Ministry is an interfaith site for education, prayer, and healing with Ellany.  You will discover inspired writings, healing experiences of others, as well as classes and teleconferences with Ellany.

Positive Bliss with Lynette Turner
Positive Bliss with Positivoligist, Lynette Turner, offers Dream Interpretation, Positivity Coaching, Angel Writings, Chakra Clearing/Reiki Treatments, workshops and a B.L.I.S.S. (Believe Life is Something Special) teleclass.  Lynette is the author of a book filled with blessings:  The 10 Be's of Positivity - 10 Steps to a More Positive Way of Living and the founder of
The Words Across the World Book Project.

With Love and Angel Feathers
Experiences of loss and survival are shared by the loved ones who continue to inhabit Mother Earth in physical form.  You will find support with Love and Angel Feathers from the heart of Irene Felkoff.

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