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What Others are saying about Stacey's Angelic Melodies

I received A Flute Awakening and A Flute Dreaming as a beautiful, blessed gift.  I was recovering from being ill and found both compilations to be not only relaxing, but sweetly, gently, healing...  My body responded softly to the soothing lilt of Stacey's flute.  Instead of feeling drained and exhausted, I began to feel much more at peace as if I were no longer struggling to function.  Both of these blessed CD's bring nature to me; moving me on a gentle, soulful, quiet, serene journey of bliss and peace.

Now, several weeks later, I'm healed, but I still listen to the lilting melody of Stacey's flute every day - ALL day as I work.  I'm calmer, less stressed and feeling the joy of the magic of Stacey's precious gift.

Thank you, Stacey, for recording these angelic works of art.


Mountains Calling is a true gift of Empowerment!  As if standing on the edge of the world, I am humbled, yet empowered beyond belief when inhaling the beauty of Stacey's Magical Flute.  In these times of economic unrest and fear, Stacey's music helps me stay balanced and fulfilled in gratitude.  True magic!


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