Experiencing the Music of Stacey Parnum is a gentle journey of awakening as if inhaling the essence of life itself.  Her flute pulls
forth the gifted lilt of her spirit to share gently and graciously with the world.

A Flute Awakening uses nature to bring forth  joyful melodies of awakening.  A Flute Dreaming moves into a state of healing abundance sweetly, gently, and soulfully.  Mountains Calling elevates the listener into a state as one with nature, one with the Universe, One with God.

The magic of Stacey's flute reduces stress and opens the way for healing the days challenges.  When played while working, work flows more gently and easily. You may listen to excerpts of the CDs by clicking the images.

Hear A Flute Awakening here. (a new window will open)

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A Flute Awakening

A Flute Dreaming

Mountains Calling